Wellbeing & CAMHS

Healthy Schools co-ordinates the Behind the Behaviour Training Programme, a multi-agency mental health training programme supporting professionals working with children and young people at tiers 1 and 2.  The Children & Adolescent Meant Health Service (CAMHS) works in partnership with Health schools to co-deliver this programme, which is free to those working in Manchester with young people.

SRE & Brook

Brook deliver targeted work in secondary schools to compliment the universal sex and relationship education provided by Manchester Healthy Schools.  Brook will also be delivering sessions on sexual health as part of the Growing Up and Moving On scheme of work, with the main aim to improve sexual health for young people.

SRE & CMFT Fresh Clinics

Working in partnership on local and national projects such as Love Safely and World Aids Day.

Wellbeing & Ariel Trust

Ariel Trust is an educational charity based in Liverpool. Ariel Trust works to improve the quality of youth education by tackling social issues, such as bullying, through creative multimedia projects.

Healthy Lifestyles & School Games Organiser

In partnership with the School Games Organiser, Manchester Healthy Schools have been supporting the work on the Change 4 Life programme.  Currently operating in 50 of Manchester primary schools, these extra curricular clubs are aimed at those children who do little physical activity with the goal of getting these children more engaged in activity within a supporting environment.

Healthy Lifestyles & Manchester City Football Club

Manchester Healthy Schools in partnership with Manchester City Football Club have produced a healthy eating and physical activity resource for Year 5 children in primary schools called Strike a Balance.  this resource aims to educate children on the importance of a healthy balanced diet as well as the importance of being physically active.

Wellbeing & Hope Theatre Company

Hope Theatre Company  was established by Adam Zane in 2004 to create original, dynamic productions that entertain, educate, and empower children and young people by addressing homophobia in schools.