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Voicebox Primary 1 - 12th October 2021

Course description

Voicebox Primary is a network established to support the development of schools councils and to promote pupil voice. We want to encourage and empower pupils in finding their voice, speaking out for those less fortunate and participating in national and international campaigns. Our pupils are the adults of tomorrow and we would like them to be active citizens who play their part in our societies.

The event is aimed at pupils in Upper KS2 (Y5 and Y6).

Our first Voicebox Primary event will be focused on the following campaigns-

  • Anti-Bullying Week (15th - 19th November)
  • Road Safety Week (15th - 21st November)

With the ongoing pandemic, we have decided that this Voicebox event will be virtual and run as a pre-recorded session.

Healthy Schools will provide you with a recorded session for you to play to your pupils and will also provide you with the relevant resources. Please do try your best to take part in the session on the 12th October 2021 as if it were a live session, so that schools across the city are participating in the same event at the same time. However you may participate in the session at a later date in the week if this suits you better.

To receive the downloads of the sessions and the resources you MUST sign up to attend this event by 11th October 2021. Please sign up by registering your details as if you were attending the event in person.

Course Day(s) / Time

12th October 2021 00:00 - 00:00