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An Introduction to Drugs Education and Drugs Awareness

Course description

This two-hour training session will help schools to identify the key requirements for effective drug and alcohol education and understand the vital steps for the school to build on their existing competencies and improve the provision of drugs and alcohol education. An overview of drugs awareness and issues relating to young people is included in the training to increase staff knowledge and confidence to be able to teach about drugs and relevant issues. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Articulate the Quality Standards for effective drug and alcohol education in the classroom.
  • Identify risk and protective factors for drug and alcohol use amongst young people. 
  • Recognise names and types of drugs; their effects and the most commonly used substances. 
  • Examine the reasons that young people may use drugs. 
  • Describe the possible signs of substance misuse in young people and be aware of the referral pathways for young people who present in school as misusing substances.


This course is open to all staff who work within a school setting.

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Available face-to-face in your school or delivered virtually. This will be dependent on Covid-19 guidance.