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Free online training: We need to talk about suicide:

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This e-learning programme has been developed by a range of experts including experts by experience i.e. those people who have attempted to take their own lives and those bereaved and affected by suicide.

It will be useful for anyone working in health, education or other frontline services. The learning is specifically aimed at making sure that everyone in contact with the public, in whatever role, knows how to spot any signs of mental distress and feel comfortable in talking about suicide.

Two-thirds of people who take their own lives are not known to mental health services. Almost everyone thinking about suicide doesn’t want to stop living, they just want to stop the pain and distress they are feeling. Talking about suicide does not make someone more likely to take their own lives. Another person showing compassion and care can only make things better not worse.

The programme takes approximately between 60-90 minutes to complete. 

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