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Healthy Weight Action Group Meetings

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The 2016 Childhood Obesity Strategy recognises the key role that schools have in supporting healthier eating, physical activity and shaping healthy habits. Over the last year, schools have contacted the School Health Service to discuss their National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) to find out how they can best support children who are overweight or obese and ensure that their school is contributing to preventing obesity - by helping children eat better and move more.

In response to this, Healthy Schools are trialling some Healthy Weight Action Group Meetings. The twilight sessions will take place in the North, Central and South of Manchester over the next academic year when NCMP results are released. The sessions will cover:

  • Manchester’s NCMP results, trends and patterns;
  • A summary of the childhood obesity strategy and schools’ roles in supporting this;
  • An overview of the support and initiatives available to schools around increasing healthy weight;
  • How to engage parents around healthy weight;
  • Shared good practice from schools.

The Healthy Lifestyles Lead will also be available for a further hour at the end of the session if any schools wish to discuss their results in more detail. 


This course is open to all staff who work within a primary school setting.


Attendance at the meetings is free of charge for Manchester schools that have completed the 2017/18 Health Check.

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