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Teaching Body Parts, Positively! Book for in-house delivery in YOUR school

Course description

This mini-course is designed for KS1 staff teaching the new statutory RSHE content. The session is a 30 minute introduction to teaching body parts with a body-positive approach.

Themes Included:

Terminology & use of language around genitalia

Teaching strategies & interactive activities



This course is open to all staff who work with pupils in a primary or special school setting. KS1 teachers will find this most useful and KS2 teachers are also welcome to attend.


This course is free of charge to all Manchester schools who are engaged with the 2021/22 Healthy Schools Programme.

Course Booking Information

To book this course to be delivered to staff in your school please contact with your preferred dates and times. This course can be tailored to meet the needs of staff and pupils in your school setting. If you would like a recorded video of this session to share with staff at your school please contact Cat Bowers

Course Length

This course is recommended as a 30 minute session and can be delivered as a 'bolt-on' to any of our other RSE training sessions booked at your school.

Course Day(s) / Time

No event dates are currently set.


Delivered online virtually to your school