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Voicebox Primary- Big Health Challenge

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Question: How does your school community promote healthy relationships and equal rights for all?

If you would like to take part in our Big Health Challenge, sign up now!

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 5th July 2023

Your school/students can present how you do this in a range of ways such as a poster, presentation or video and you could include the following information…

  • What you do in your curriculum
  • Policies
  • School council discussion/initiatives
  • Clubs/Initiatives
  • Staff and pupil surveys
  • Promotion of relevant campaigns around gender equality/stereotype
  • Protocols for reporting and responding to harassment
  • School ethos/practices for promoting equal rights and healthy relationships
  • Anything else you think could be relevant

If your school wins the Big Health Challenge, you will receive a certificate and our Big Health Challenge Shield Trophy which will be engraved with your school that you will be able to display for a year!

Course Day(s) / Time

5th July 2023 00:00 - 00:00