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WELLBEING FOR EDUCATION RETURN session 2: Mental Health Awareness and Supporting Recovery - 10/12/2020

Course description

This follow on session from WER Session 1 focuses on providing staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to provide early support and intervention to pupils that are experiencing poor mental health. The webinar will raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of a range of common mental health problems and develop staff knowledge on how to respond and formulate action plans to aid recovery.


Identify the signs, symptoms and behavioural changes of a range of mental health conditions. 

-Explore a range of mental health conditions and triggers that contribute to poor mental health

-Identify how mental health conditions and triggers can present themselves within children and young people

Supporting mental health recovery

-Developing knowledge to recognise and respond to issues of mental health through basic psychological first aid

-Formulating action plans for recovery and accessing specialist support


Supporting pupils throughout and post trauma                                                      

-Explore way to provide the most appropriate and effective support for individuals and families who have lived experience of trauma

-Develop knowledge on how to build resilience and adopt trauma responsive approaches


This course is suitable for all teaching and non-teaching staff in the school setting, all education professionals from EYFS, Primary, Secondary, 6th Form/College and Special


This course is provided free of charge to Manchester nurseries, schools, 6th forms, colleges, special schools and has been funded by the Department for Education.


Please reserve your place by using this online booking system or contact for more information, if you need to cancel your place please email us.

Course Day(s) / Time

10th December 2020 15:30 - 18:00


Microsoft teams

A Teams link and session resources will be sent to the email address provided the day before the session begins.
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