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Relationships and Sex Education

Our aim is for schools to ensure good quality, age appropriate sex and relationship education is available to all children and young people. We aim to increase teachers’ confidence in the delivery of sex and relationship education in the classroom through the provision of quality assured training and resources.

Training & Events

Sexual Health - Inclusive RSE in Secondary Schools

Priority Secondary

This training session looks at how we can engage with young people, free from assumptions about gender, sex and sexuality. LGBT+ issues shou...

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RSE Policy Guidance

Priority Primary Secondary Special

Both primary and secondary schools have a legal obligation to have an up-to-date RSE policy that describes the content of the relationship a...

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Safeguarding and Sensitive Questions – Be a confident RSE practitioner!

Priority Primary Secondary Special

Suitable for all Key Stages, this hour-long training session seeks to give all staff the confidence in having those ‘difficult conversations...

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RSE Policy Template and Guidance 2019 (Primary)

This document is a template Relationships and Sex Education policy for Manchester Primary Schools. The policy contains all of the information required to develop an RSE policy and to be deliver effective RSE in school. This policy should be adapted to meet the needs of your school. For further information, we recommend using the PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum policy resources.

This resource is only available for Manchester Schools

DFEE Sex and Relationships Education Statutory Guidance 2000

This is the key statutory guidance which covers the teaching of Sex and relationship Education in schools.

This guidance should now be read alongside the supplementary Sex and relationships education for the 21st century document.


Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) for the 21st Century: Guidance

This document provides supplementary advice and information to teachers on topics that are missing from the Government’s statutory guidance on SRE (published in 2000) including issues about pornography, the safe use of technology, sexual consent, violence and exploitation.

This advice should be read alongside the Sex and Relationship Education Guidance (DfEE 0116/2000) which is statutory guidance for schools: