On Monday 9th March 2020 we teamed up with the Diane Modahl Foundation to run a Healthy Lifestyles themed Voicebox Primary event. The event focused on how we can use physical activity for our personal and social development as well as looking after our health and wellbeing. We felt extremely lucky to have the opportunity to partner up with the Diane Modahl foundation who base their work on these aims. The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF) is a registered charity which works with young people from disadvantaged areas across the North West, enabling them to make the most of themselves in sport, school and life. The foundation currently does some fantastic work within Sport, Education and Employability in many of our schools. For more information on what the foundation does and how you can get involved please visit the following link: https://dmsf.org.uk/.

We had 86 present at the Manchester Regional Arena at SportCity and we had access to some amazing athletics facilities. The Diane Modahl foundation led a mini-Olympics event with a range of activities, utilising the power and disciplines of physical activity to give young people opportunities to enjoy sport, to challenge them and develop their self-belief, resilience, focus and commitment. The activities were led by professional athletes which really inspired the children and they had opportunities to ask them questions about their sporting careers. It was so nice to see all of the children at the schools smiling, laughing and having lots of fun.

Here are just a few examples of the feedback that we had from the event:

The event was great for the children; it was inclusive, exciting and interesting.

The children were engaged in all the physical activities and it was good for them to work as a team with children they didn't already know, it was good for their self-esteem and confidence.

I have mentioned this to all staff at school and to our PE Lead as I would like our school to work with DMSF- The children are going to do a presentation in an assembly about it and the that counts campaign.


The children thoroughly enjoyed it – what a fantastic experience!

I loved the sports stuff and getting to know new people I loved it!

Following the sporting event, Healthy School’s practitioners Helen Johnstone and Nicola Howe delivered a #thatcounts workshop aiming to encourage our schools to start moving more. That Counts! is the public campaign that’s inspiring us all to move more, in our own way. Anything that makes you move more counts! It could be dancing around the kitchen, jumping in puddles, walking the dog or running for the bus. However you move, as long as you move more, it all counts. We shared some ideas with our schools on how we can all move more including; toe rises whilst washing hands, running around the playground, squats and star jumps first thing in class. We encouraged the children to come up with their own ideas to get their peers moving in their own schools. The workshop added more fun and laughter to the afternoon and we are excited to see what the children get up to in their own schools!